February 2011 Meeting Minutes

Posted by Spalding Hurst

February 11, 2011

Viking Canoe Club
February 2011 Meeting Minutes

Date: February 8th, 2011
Location: El Tarasco

Call to Order performed by Brian Mattingly at 1926

Number in Attendance: 11

Including but not limited to – Brian Sandmann (President), Brian Mattingly (Vice-President), Sarah Mello (Social Chair), Drew and Jessica Daniel (Secretaries)

Everybody should have gotten their AW Memberships from working Ironman, if you did not speak to Brian Mattingly.

Officer Reports:

President: The BWA and The Vikings will do the picnic together this year. July 29-31st at the Ocoee.

Vice President: The beginners clinic with be May 13-15 on the Russell Fork. Barbeque/Dance party/bonfire on Saturday night. Breakfast on Sunday Morning. Camping will be free. Lessons will include water reading and working on eddy lines. Also Safety instructions and throw bag contests. Plans are underway to have some roll sessions before the beginners clinic. Stay tuned for more details – will be hosted by Brian Mattingly.

Social Chair: Thanks to everyone to coming out for the Dinner in Middletown. We had an excellent turnout!

Turbo is officially the Treasurer… in case you guys didn’t already know.

New News:

KWA plans on having another film festival one week after the NPFF on March 5th if anyone is interested talk to Sandmann. (or facebook him) http://www.kwalliance.org/Publications/ … fault.aspx

The Vikings will be making new stickers that will hopefully be ready for the Film Festival.

The Mayor is planning on adding paddling to the Hike and Bike on Memorial Day. See Viking website for more details

U of L is moving their boathouse to a new location and the old boathouse will become a paddling center – Doug Davis is working on this – will not be “Viking only”

The Vikings will be sponsoring a reception after the Non NPFF Elkhorn River race. Cost will be less than or equal to $300 dollars – Food and Drinks will be there and will be held on AW acres. Motion to vote made by S. Mello and Seconded by B. Mattingly. All were in Favor (11 people) – Passed

B. Mattingly and the Secretaries will be making a google document spreadsheet that has Membership Information that can be accessed by multiple people (President, Treasurer, Secretaries, etc)

********VERY IMPORTANT: Please Sign up ONLINE prior to the Non NPFF Elkhorn River race for Registration! VERY IMPORTANT*************

El Tarasco has PASSED!!! Mexican Food and Margaritas!!! The Meetings will now be every Third Tuesday of the Month Starting in March. There will still be the fellowship time from 1830-1930 and the meeting will start at 1930. (7:30pm)

Moved to End Meeting made by B. Mattingly and Seconded by S. Mello

End of meeting 2030


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