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The Inaugural “Not-NPFF” Downriver Race & Club Championship on the Elkhorn will take place February 27th at 1:00 pm.
Register at the put-in @ noon.
The race will be mass start below the dam and run to the illegal take out. Drafting skilz will be crucial. There will be 3 age classes for both individual men and women: 18 – 40 /40 – 60 / 60 & up. More importantly, there will also be a club championship…Vikings vs BWA vs ?
Club teams need at least 5 members to qualify. Scoring will be top five from each clubs finish order added together to get a score, lowest combined club score wins.
The weather the last few years has been terrible. Hopefully this year will be better. We’re going to work on providing a shuttle as well as awards for winners.
PS…this is going to be a “fun run”. Paddlers that wouldn’t normally do a kayak race should definitely get out and give it a shot!