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I called in sick to work and ran the Elkhorn this fine January day.  The weather was great, 62 degrees and sunny.  I met up with a couple of Viking paddlers, James and Scott.  Many BWA paddlers were out as well.  Be sure to take the left side of the island at this level.  There are some good ledges to surf on that side.

The Elkhorn has been toying with us for the past several months, we get some rain, we think the Elkhorn will come up but it never really did.  This when got these heavy heavy rains and we finally got a window.  I plan on going back this Saturday to test out my new canoe.

This was my first run on the ELkhorn since living in Frankfort. Nice to only drive 10 minutes to get on the river.

One problem with this day. I lost the padding to my helmet, flew out of the truck. That sucks.