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Jay, Tim and I ran the elkhorn all in kayaks this fine Saturday.  This was Tim’s first time out in a whitewater kayak and he seemed to do real well.  Jay got a combat roll at the last rapid, his very first combat roll.  I guess Jay is ready for anything now!  Justin and Toby had to bow out this day due to un-whitewater related circumstances.

After the paddle we all met in Bardstown for our first annual Bardstown Boaters Meeting.  We had some very good chili, and discussed all the year’s upcoming events.  We had about 8 or 9 members present.  The highlight from the discussions was talk about a park at te Beech Fork and an idea for the Bourbon Challenge.

The purpose of the meeting was because we expected January to be so light on paddling.  But now with January ending I have been on the water 4 times and getting to paddle this day, the afternoon of the meeting was an extra bonus.