Elkhorn at 4,500cfs?

Posted by Spalding Hurst

October 29, 2006

Elkhorn Creek, Kentucky

I don’t really know what the level was, the gauge got hung up the night before somewhere around 5,500cfs. But I would guess the level to be around 4,500cfs. The only concern was the dam. But the dam wasn’t that bad to portage. Just go to the left as you always do and go one by one. The rocks you normally step on the get out are just below you and you get out on top of them.

Elkhorn Dam

Even with GAF and the Rendezvous going on this weekend there was still a good crowd running the Elkhorn this day. The weather was pretty good and the Elkhorn was running so of course I had to get on it. I had never been on it this high. 3,500cfs was my high before this. It was actually pretty washed out at this level. The water moves fast, you don’t even need to paddle.

I ran it with Josh and we found a couple of good play spots at the end. We spent most of the time there surfing and pretty much bombed the rest. It didn’t take long to do. I have now ran the Elkhorn 13 times this year. You gotta love home court.

Pictures of the Elkhorn at higher water: one | two | three | four


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