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The City of Bardstown and a local boaters group, Bardstown Boaters, are working together to try and clean up local waterways.
Bardstown Boaters, a whitewater paddling and water conservation group, will have its first expedition Saturday beginning with Withrow Creek. For the next five years, the group plans to survey and document infractions in Buffalo Creek, Withrow Creek, Town Creek, Rowan Creek and Mill Creek. Specifically, the group will look for things such as point sources, pollutants and erosion or scouring. The idea is for the boaters to report findings to the city so the city can work to combat the problems.
The efforts will help the city combat illegal storm and sanitary discharges that contribute to stream pollution, erosion and debris. The state recommended using outside personnel to check the streams and the boaters are a group that expressed interest, so it was a win-win for everyone.
We applaud the boaters for stepping up to make a difference and we applaud the city for taking the group up on its offer.
Maybe by working together, our local waterways can be improved and pollutants reduced. Just an awareness this type of operation is underway may cause some people to stop and think about what they are putting in our local waterways.
It will be a big job for the local group but we are confident they are up to the challenge. More partnerships like this one should be formed to solve even more problems. With everyone working together we can get more done.