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The Department for Local Government (DLG) is currently accepting applications for two grant programs to be awarded in 2009: Recreational Trails Program grant applications will be accepted through February 1, 2009 and the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) applications will be accepted through March 1, 2009.

The Recreational Trails Program is funded by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). It can be used to provide assistance for acquisition of easements, development and maintenance of recreational trails and trailhead facilities for both motorized and non-motorized use. Eligible applicants are city and county governments, state and federal agencies, and non-profit organizations.
The LWCF provides federal grant funds to acquire land for outdoor recreation and to develop or renovate public outdoor recreation facilities such as campgrounds, picnic areas, sports & playfields and support facilities.

Administered by DLG, funds for this program are allocated to Kentucky by the National Park Service, U.S. Department of Interior. Cities, counties, state and federal agencies are eligible to apply.