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Michael Mathews of the Bardstown Boaters is working to bring Mike Rowe and Dirty Jobs to Bardstown, Ky., for the annual Paddle Pickup, a truly “dirty job” on the Beech Fork River.

Every Spring in Bardstown, Ky. the Bardstown Boaters (a small whitewater and flat water paddling group) get together and clean the local Beech Fork River. Over the years the river has had tires to refrigerators to beer cans thrown in it. Along with the help of a local canoe rental company some volunteers float down the river picking up everything in sight while other volunteers pick up trash at 31 E Bridge crossing the river. It is always a challenge to see who can fit the most crap in their canoe and when we are lucky enough to have plenty water we get to run the rapid from the old dam that was in place. The river is unfortuanately filled with crap and is so muddy you can barely see a couple inches in the water, so the job and dirty part we can guarantee.