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In preparation for a proposal and visit for enhancement of the Beech Fork grade control structure to include whitewater recreation, the following items are being gatherd by the City of bardstown to help streamline the process.

  1. Narritive of how well USGS 03301000 BEECH FORK AT BARDSTOWN represents the site and any major upstream reservoir or diversion projects that may affect the historic data record.
  2. FEMA Flood Rate Maps
  3. FEMA Flood Insurance Study
  4. FEMA HEC2 Backup Data
  5. Hydrology and Hydraulics report for the New Bridge
  6. Geotechnical Borings at the new Bridge.
  7. Drawings of the new bridge.
  8. Contact for Corps of Engineers
  9. Contact for Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources.
  10. Contact for adjacent landowners
  11. Aerial Photographs (with flown dates) of the site (tiff or sid preferred)
  12. Topographic mapping of the site (AutoCAD prefered)
  13. Known utilities mapping of the site
  14. Contact for Division of Water or any other jurisdictions
  15. List of potential required City, County and State permits.
  16. Contact for Local PE that would be willing to work with us.
  17. Contact for local surveyor.
  18. Contact for local Geotechnical Lab.
  19. Narritive on how the pump diversion is operated.