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Cumberland River
Cumberland Below the Falls


We lost a valuable friend today. The green Mohawk now rest beneath a log on the Cumberland. Maybe one day we will see it again. But until then we only have it’s matching partner Mohawk Canoe #1. Their will never be another #2, nothing will compare.

Click here for the Mohawk Canoe Memorial Page

Great time on the Cumberland today. Carnage? What carnage? I didn’t really see any carnage out there. I did how ever get to use every single piece of safety and rescue equipment that I had on me. Some of it twice.

6 mile flat water paddle out on the lake? What flat water? Their is nothing like a brisk 12 mile paddle to start your day. I highly recomend it.

Canoes aren’t really meant for class III rivers. But you can’t take the old school canoe out of the old school paddlers. And now you literally can’t take the Mohawk Canoe #2 out of the Cumberland.

Truly one of the legendary whitewater trips of all time.


As for what the river is like at this level it is pretty good. Surfers looked good, but I didn’t get surf at all on it. The real problem is that the lake is backed up all the way to Pinball so there really aren’t a whole lot of rapids to even run. And even the little rapids have lots of undercut rocks and log jams on them.