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550cfs (falls gauge)
370cfs (williamsburg gauge)

Me and 29 other Viking Canoe Club members ran the Cumberland river. It was a great day boating. The rapids were not too hard or scary. Though they could change a lot at higher levels. Jim Gunn dislocated his shoulder on Screaming Right, playing in the hole as we left after an hour of playing in that hole. The raft company took him out. The shuttle is slow. I guess that by paddleing out you could save time and money, but be extra tired after a long 5+ miles of flat water paddling. I think the lake needs to be lower than 705’ for all the rapids to be in.

Cumberland Falls – Class V-VI – Put in below here
Eagle Shoals – Class I+
No Name – Class II
Initiation – Class II
Center Rock – Class III
Bradfords Rock – Class II
Willy Nelson – Class II
Dog Slaughter – Class II
Surfers – Class II
Pinball – Class II-III (Level Dependant)
Screaming Right Hand Turn – Class III-IV (Level Dependant)
Stair Case – Class III
The Last Drop – Class III