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Today myself, Josh and Ben were on the Big South Fork from the confluence to Leatherwood. Water levels were around 1000cfs and water temps were very cold after all of the recent snow. The sunshine and 52 degree air temps made this a Saturday not to be missed on the river.

The Big South Fork had the most pristine water that this paddler has ever seen down there. The water was emerald green and you could see down about four feet.

On Double Drop, I rolled and it was freazing. 1000 cfs makes for some dificult drops in the big three. It also made Ass Kicker more difficult. I also rolled in the El. After that I was determined not to roll again. The water was just too cold.

It was a great day to be on the water and bonus to have my wife with me running the shuttle. Now we are off to Asheville!