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I miss baseball, but I did get to watch the Reds season opener on tv.  At 6am though.
Let’s see, what have I been doing the past days and weeks?  Since the climb I have been hanging out in bigger cities some of the time and doing some walks in the parks.  I haven’t been able to kayak much.  And as of today I probably won’t be back on the water.  I sold my kayak today in Christchurch.  But as I write this I am in Picton, the ferry town waiting for Justin to come in.  We now begin the tour of the south island.  It is defiantly getting colder.  Today it rained like a mamma jamma. The weather has been terrible all week.  Hopefully it will get better.

Last weekend I went out to the east coast and checked out a lighthouse.  It was cooler than it sounds.  The small town Castlepoint, far away from normal civilization, was a very nice place.

These guys were fishing off of a rock.

After Castlepoint, Justin and I did a two day hike into the woods.  We brought everything we needed in our packs and set off into the deep forest.  Basically it was 6 hours of walking to eat a bowl of soup.  Well that makes it not sound fun or interesting.  It was though.  It got dark as we hiked and we were not sure if we would find the hut or be able to eat our soup.

We found the hut!

While I was driving to Christchurch I saw this seal on the side of the road on the beach.  There were heaps of them.

And in Chrischurch I saw this Church.  It is the main attraction and at the city center.  It is a very nice place.  New Zealand’s 3rd largest city.  300,000 people.

What crazy adventure lies ahead.