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This is written from memory now some 2 years later. I went back through my NZ guidebook and am trying to recall all my runs on New Zealand rivers. I am pretty sure that this was the day that joined up with with the Hamilton paddling club who were in Murchison for the Buller Festival.

I was nervous about Granity Greek this day. It showed too because I set up with the most horrible line entering the rapid and ended up flipping right in the meat. I swam and lost a show trying to squeeze out of my tiny Bliss-Stick Flip Stick. I hated that boat after this day.

I did get some awesome surfing in down the river at this perfect glassy wave. I also got in with this Hamilton group who became my paddling partners for the next days.

Murchison Video
Section paddled
Buller / Granity Creek

March 8th

Lower than 2 days before

Class III+
One large rapid at Granity creek.

Who with?
Hamilton kayak club, Pierre Pechon, Steve Venton
Waikato Kayak Club (was Hamilton CC) PO Box 9497, Hamilton