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spalding at gunslinger on buller river

This is written from memory now some 2 years later. I went back through my NZ guidebook and am trying to recall all my runs on New Zealand rivers.

This is a very popular run here in Murchison. I joined up once again with the Hamilton club and paddled this in the morning. I also began paddling with Pierre Pechon around this time. Pierre was an interesting dude from England who wore one of those Darth Vadar helmets on the river. Not really by choice, we all used what ever we could rent or buy or find or borrow in Murchison and there wasn’t a whole lot of gear around.

I walked the hardest rapid on the Earthquake run this day, Gunslinger. I was still nervous about the rapid from the day before. This one had a cheat line but was harder than Granity.

Later on this day I filmed some guys run on the Matakitaki.

Gunslinger Rapid
Gunslinger Rapid

Murchison Video

Section paddled
Buller / Earthquake Run

March 9th

Class III

Who with?
Hamilton kayak club, Pierre Pechon
Waikato Kayak Club (was Hamilton CC) PO Box 9497, Hamilton

I just ran across this story of a death on this section:
A bad day on the Buller River