Bourbon City Challenge – Adventure Race

Posted by Spalding Hurst

July 10, 2007


This race incorporates running, trail-running and navigation, paddling and pedaling to the tune of nearly 20 miles of combined travel around Bardstown – The Capital of the World‘s Bourbon-Making.

Date: Sept. 9, 2007 at the Bardstown-Nelson County Airport (a.k.a. Samuel’s Field) at 9 a.m. on the tarmac. Registration begins at 7:45. Camping available for participants on Sept. 8 at Horizon Hoppers


Racers begin with a 2 mile paved run up the taxi-way and back down the runway to a gated entrance to the property alongside Sympson Lake. From the gate, racers proceed northeast 1 mile with a trail run to place where all established trails end. Navigate nor’eastward the rough trails, animal trails and the creature infested woodland, skirting the lake, to Ben Irvin Road without going onto private property.
Once hitting Ben Irvin Road, racers proceed ¼ mile downhill (northeast) to boat ramp (i.e. paddling transition area.)

Upon putting in, paddlers go southwest 1 mile to 1st cove (round first buoy) then ¾ mile across lake to the back of White’s Camp Cove (round second buoy), then straight back to ramp 1.2 miles
After reaching boat ramp, racers proceed to 1/10 mile northeastward to bike transition area

Racers then proceed on 8-mile, open road bike race leg of race: From Sympson Lake pedal along 2737 to Green County Sport Parachute Center on Airport Road; from there down Airport Road to Barnes Road, left onto Barnes to Wheeler, Right on Wheeler, then follow Wheeler back around to 2737 and back toward boat ramp. Racers pass boat ramp and continue pedal to the end of 2737. Take a right turn onto Templin Avenue, a right turn on Fifth Street, a right on Broadway and continue straight to U.S. 62. Take a right on U.S. 62, cross over the Withrow Creek Bridge and continue uphill to airport on right. Racers finish Bike Leg and race (other than special events) at American Flag in Front of Horizon Hoppers Adventure Services at the traffic circle in front of the airport..

A plane pull (or bus pull) challenge will top off the event. Racers must pull a plane or bus 50 feet before the race is considered finished. This is a strength test only and doesn’t affect time. Must only be completed. Several vehicles will be on hand for a tug, just in case two individuals finish close together. In the event of a bottleneck. The time the racer arrived at the American Flag at the Finish Line, will be used to determine the winner, so long as that racer successfully completed the plane or bus pull.

Race Categories:
Male (1st and 2nd place awards)
Female (1st and 2nd place awards)
Relay Team (1st and 2nd place awards) For Relay: a team of two, three or four persons may split events of the race however they choose. Racers are responsible for their own logistics or getting to transition areas. The team must present a card stamped completed for all event legs.

Racers needs:
Bike of their own, Personal boat (optional) canoes and kayaks available with entry fee, Compass.
Racers are responsible for dropping their boats and bikes off at transition areas. We recommend locking everything. We will not be responsible for any gear tampered with or stolen.

Entry Fee:
$25 per person (rental paddle boats, canoes and kayaks first come first serve (40 total) for additional $20)
Entry fee includes gift bag, T-shirt, chance at door prizes.

Each winning person or team receives a trophy and prize package (cash or valuable items donated by our sponsors) Prize packages worth no less than $100 per person for 1st place, no less than $50 for second. Prizes depend on sponsors.

Participants may register by phone at 502-572-5419 or by mail, checks approved.

Adventure Race
P.O. Box 1173
Bardstown, KY 40004

Anyone with questions or suggestions call, Bob White at 502.572.5419


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