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David, Ryan, Chris, Toby, Patrick, Jay, Spalding

We had a great turn out on Saturday for a run on the Elkhorn. This was 5 first runs on the Elkhorn and we had lots of carnage to attest to that. David swam, Ryan swam and Chris swam… more than once and more than twice. Patrick swam once and almost broke a boat. Jay went from beginner paddler to advanced rescue river runner through the course of the day. Toby just tore it up, never flipping. David lost his glasses and along with them his desire to run rivers. But we are working on changing that. Truth be told after the first 2 rapids everything got much easier for everyone and soon they all mastered the waters. Now hopefully we have a strong Bardstown Boating core ready for some more action.
Also, John and I scouted Tewell Creek near Bardstown. Turned out to be a dud of a creek and some old man told us to never return there. He’ll be dead soon, but we won’t be back anyways since the creek didn’t pan out. We are currently exploring every body of water through Nelson County, searching for our flagship whitewater run.