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After reading the previous article from The Kentucky StandardCity’s alternative water sources being gauged, it looks like the whitewater park might still be a possibility in being built as a municipal water source project.

The top vote-getter from the previous study was building a reservoir on the Beech Fork River, Meador said. The city currently pumps from Beech Fork to replenish Sympson Lake when necessary.

One of the major hurdles will be to get a Corps of Engineers permit for a dam or reservoir. But, a study by Kenvirons is in progress for raw water alternatives and will be sent to the Corps of Engineers (USACE) for comment in a couple of months. So we shall see what they say.

It is thought that Bardstown might receive a USACE permit, if the project deals with the maintenance of the rubble dam to its historical level, conformed to the principled work done by

Learn more about the Bardstown Boaters ongoing efforts to build Kentucky’s first whitewater park in the this section of the website.