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Beech Fork near Fredricksburg

A group of ten Bardstown Boaters paddled 20 miles of the Beech Fork on Saturday and Sunday. They ran from Maud, KY to Highway 49.

Here are pictures from the trip.

Here is the GPS Route of the trip.

Jay Thomas has this report.

Great trip. Then entire Maud to HWY 49 is a great run, but the Maud to Fredericksburg section is a definite plus with many riffles and current to keep everything moving. At 300 CFS the entire run was done at the minimum required flow IMO. I’m interested to see the Maud to Fredericksburg with more water. Wildlife was the coolest with sightings of a racoon, deer, and plenty of birds. Several red tail hawk nests along the float keep the prey birds soaring and screaching. Plus the surprising nesting sights of the herons. At only two locations along the float Bill counted over 100 nests, at both locations most nests crowded in one to two trees.

Manton Bridge to HWY 49 is a wonderful section to have the Paddle Pickup, as long as there is enough flow. There is plenty of trash to pickup and water time of only about 3 hours it should be great. I think the 250 to 300 cfs should be a minimum for that.