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Ducks Come Round the Bend

Beech Fork water level: 20cfs

Today was the Duck Race fundraiser for project graduation and the United Way. The Bardstown Boates were helping out with the event, so Kenny, Jay and I decided to get out there early to paddle up the Beech Fork and scout things for the Paddle Pickup in two weeks.

We put on at the dam in the very low water conditions, but with the pool behind the dam we were able to paddle with no problems. We went up to the BG bridge where the water finally shallowed a bit, and then we paddled back. Not much current out there, lots of scum on the water surface.

We had a good look at the rubble dam in the low water. The drop was well defined and all the rocks were uncovered. Also it appears that someone had been down there taking grades at the rubble dam. Hopefully it was someone who might help with the park.

Rubber Duck Race

At 2pm we had the big duck race. Dropping 1200 rubber ducks at the rubble dam, they drifted to the bridge and across the finish line. The winner recieves $1000 and over $3000 was raised for charity.

It was another great day on the water with much trip planning conversation and preperations for the big event, the Paddle Pickup, taking place.

I’ll see you all down there in two weeks!