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Today Jay and I ran this. It was a good trip with good flow. I thought it would have been higher since the gauge read 5600cfs 2 days prior. There were some kids camping at the put-in and we talked to a policeman who was also there. The police man paddled, he told us about some trips he had made down the Beech Fork and the Elkhorn. This may warrant expanding the Bardstown Boaters when I move back to Bardstown one day. Anyways. I ran the dam, which Jay has named the Edge Rapid, after Edgewood. The thing was rocking, scary, but after you crash through on the far right it is fun. I almost wrecked my first time, slamming into a a rock and getting sideways on it. Took a little bit of cold water, but managed to get off. The second time was cleaner, opting for a better line. Jay watched from 10 feet away. Good trip today. We must be the envy of all our friends.