April Meeting Minutes

Posted by Spalding Hurst

April 29, 2011

Tuesday April 19th 2011 

Meeting called to order at 1945

Officer Reports:

The Vice President was not in attendance but Doug Davis brought us the report

Spring Beginners Clinic is May 13-15 – There are 20 students signed up for the class. There are 18 instructors signed up to help.

$50 – includes club membership, camping, and food. $30 if you’re already a member – if you haven’t paid you need to pay Todd Schindler, Doug Davis or Brian Sandmann. 

The Clinic will take place at the Russell Fork, see blog listed on website for more details


There are classes that members of the club can and should take advantage of including CPR, Wilderness First Aide and Swiftwater Rescue.

If you have been a member for at least 1 year you can get 50% of the cost of these classes reimbursed to you. 2 years – 75% and 3+ years 100%


All of the courses are posted at Doug’s Shop and you can always ask him about upcoming courses. 

Old Business

New Equipment: 

We spent $2500 in new equipment

5-6 new PFDs (adult, youth, toddler and infant)

3 inflatables – 2 solo and 1 tandem

5-6 new Shredready Helmets


Pending approval by Treasurer we need to purchase 3 pumps for the Inflatables, which are $40 each. We also need to purchase paint or stickers to mark the new equipment. We would use some sort of epoxy/polyester/vinyl paint that wouldn’t affect the warranty on the inflatables. These expenses would not exceed $200. Movement for vote made by B. Sandmann and seconded by S. Workman. 

14 unanimous voted yes – Passed

Proposed dates for gear check/labeling potluck/party will be found on the forum

Gear will not be rented out until the stuff is labeled and release/application is put together.

National Triathlon Association – Triathlon in Louisville

July 10th (Sunday) – requesting water safety support 

There will be a link on the website to learn more information

Expecting 400 total people

1500 meter starts at 700am and there will be two waves 5 minutes apart

400 meter starts at 800am and there will be three waves 5 minutes apart

Monetary compensation to be determined

New Business

May 30th is the Hike Bike and Paddle

Meeting at 10 am in the present UofL rowing club parking lot

Paddlers that feel they can, can paddle up to the great lawn others can take a shuttle provided by Metrobus – there will be speeches held at the great lawn and apparently even the Mayor is going to paddle a little bit! The Metro Council will be in the “Dragon Boat”

We still need 3 more safety boaters

May 28th is the Beargrass Association Creek Clean-Up

This is major – right now the creek is GROSS!

There is also going to be a community clean up – cleaning up graffiti and such

See the forum for more details

Mayoral Council

New Community Rowing and Paddling Center

We are asking for funding for a new building where we can put together a Nationally recognized Paddling and Instructor Center

Sept 28 – Oct 2 – National Paddling Sports Conference

Second week of June 

There will be an Instructor Trainer coming down

There will be a Level 3 Instructor Certification Course 

~$300 and a Four Day Commitment

Brush, Bottle, Barrel of the Bluegrass

April 29th from 5:30-8:30 at the Louisville Collegiate School

This is a Precursor to Cherokee Triangle Art School

Food and Drink Tasting

Motion to Close by B. Sandmann and Seconded by S. Workman 2100


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