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Bardstown Boaters, a group of local whitewater enthusiasts, first proposed the project and have since compiled a preliminary informational package for local officials to review.

Fund-raising efforts to generate funding necessary to hire a design firm to compile a formal study of the whitewater park began Sept. 30 with a paddlers poker run on Beech Fork which raised almost $1,000.

Spalding Hurst, Bardstown Boaters president, said in a recent interview that local businesses were also being solicited for donations to fund the $6,700 cost of hiring a design firm for the preliminary studies.

Dawn Ballard, Bardstown-Nelson County Tourist and Convention Commission vice-president, said the next step for the whitewater committee would be solicitation of Bardstown City Council and tourism officials to request matching funds for the hiring of a design firm.

That meeting of whitewater proponents and public officials was delayed until after Election Day.

The work to be done by the design firm is a must-do before definite plans for the whitewater park and possible raising of the rock dam can continue, according to Bardstown City Administrator Larry Green.

He began researching available funding for the whitewater park and dam work and said state and federal agencies require professional designs and cost estimates prior to earmarking funds for a project like a whitewater park.

Whitewater parks throughout the nation, similar to what is planned for Beech Fork, range in cost from $140,000 to about $2 million.