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Floyd’s Fork Park

Louisville, Kentucky

December, 2013

Exploring my old stomping grounds. When I was a kid I used to hike all over this place by myself or with friends. We built forts, and maintained trails; we built rock dams, created shelters for freshwater mussels, and fished; on hot summer days we would float down on inflatable pool toys or just laying in the water on our backs. Housing developments and urban sprawl began to encroach on our woods while I was in Middle School, when I moved to Florida for high school I was terrified that my “territory” would be paved over and unloved. Thankfully the city of Louisville has bought a massive corridor of land along Floyd’s Fork and begun the process of preserving it as a massive system of parks. Are journeys were once limited by the varying flow of the stream, now there are bridges; a routine hike down one of our trails used to involve a good hour or so of maintenance and pulling away the encroaching undergrowth, now many of our trails are graveled or paved. I cannot be happier for the lands I once roamed, they are in very good hands indeed.