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It’s back, bigger and better than eva’… the 3rd Annual Not-NPFF Downriver Race and Club Championship!

Date: Saturday Feb 25th.
Location: Elkhorn Creek, Frankfort, KY: … il/id/661

Coincidentally, the National Paddling Film Festival will again be at Buffalo Trace Distillery, in Frankfort, KY, Feb 24th-25th.


Pump the iron, do laps ‘round Towhead Island, and keep your eyes out for loooooong boats on craigslist and your neighbors back yard. The Vikings are looking to continue their winning streak this year! Here’s last year’s results:

Let’s do it!

This race is for ALL to participate! While the main focus MUST be continued Viking dominance, participation has always included paddlers with all types of craft, race boats, creek boats, play boats, SUPs, etc. It’s a BIG PARTY with prizes, food, drinks and bon-fire. Don’t miss out!

All whitewater clubs / teams are encouraged to participate.

More details to follow…