2nd Annual Not-NPFF Downriver Race and Club Championships

Posted by Spalding Hurst

February 27, 2011

OFFICIAL RACE RESULTS: http://notnpffrace.blogspot.com

43 racers (of the 75 registered) showed up on Saturday to take part in a rain soaked Not-NPFF Downriver Race and Club Championship. The water level was too high to portage the dam so we raced the lower Elkhorn from AW Acres to the bridge below Canoe Kentucky. The course turned out great and it was a forearm flaming, shoulder sizzling, core crunching and bicep blasting race.

But let’s get to the important part…


Vikings had a very strong turnout with 17 of 22 registered boaters showing up to race. Compare that to 14 of 28 registered showing up for the BWA.

Vikings also represented 11 of the top 15 and had the 2 top ladies by a long way. It was a great showing and i thank you all for showing up and responding to the call of duty.

Very strong race by a few individual Vikings that were keys to the win:
Jess “Thin Man” Albright from wire to wire. Never a doubt.
Matt Gossett had the toughest job of the day holding off the top BWA competitors from breaking the lock on the top spots. Way to dig deep.
Adam Blanding came out of the wood work, literally, with a really sweet wooden boat and the engine to push it. Great job.
DJ Gribble saved his W.O.D for the race and set the pace for plastic boats. Great effort.

Also many thanks to Nathan and Canoe Kentucky for providing access and a very helpful shuttle after the race. Show them some love.

As i said last year: today is a rest day but Not-NPFF race training starts tomorrow!
The Not-NPFF race will continue next year and there is no reason that the Vikings should ever lose this race.
We’re younger, stronger, faster, smarter AND better looking. It’s a lock.

Author: KyleNicholson
Forum: General Discussion
Date: 2011-02-27

Those Rocks I placed in the back of the BWA boats really helped.
1st Louisville Vikings – 1, 2, 5, 6, 7 21
2nd Bluegrass Wildwater Assoc- 2, 3, 10, 14, 16

Race Name Team Time Racer #

1 Jess “Thin Man” Albright VCC 29:50:00 42 Sea Kayak

2 Matt Gossett VCC 30:15:00 35 Phoenix Appalachian

3 Clay “D-Love” Warren BWA 30:23:00 10 Speeder

4 Dave “Whitesnake” Thomas BWA 30:41:00 7 Sea Kayak

5 Adam Blanding VCC 30:45:00 49 Chesapeake 16

6 DJ Gribble VCC 30:58:00 36 T-Slalom

7 Brian Mattingly VCC 31:17:00 47 Red Green Boat

8 Dan Coaplen VCC 31:41:00 41 Fiberglass

9 Matt “Rudio” Rudolph VCC 31:51:00 77 Green Boat

10 John Mello BWA 32:05:00 15 Slipper

11 Turbo Schindler VCC 32:11:00 52 Mirage

12 Jim “Big” Gunnz VCC 32:15:00 43 Sea Kayak

13 Chris Higdon VCC 32:26:00 40 Sea Kayak

14 Justin Bolander BWA 32:30:00 22 Green Boat

15 Jeremy Briley VCC 32:40:00 39 T-Slalom

16 Bryce Hanline BWA 33:05:00 9 Corsica

17 Millard Blakey TRR 33:05:00 71 Remix 10

18 Sarah Mello VCC 33:25:00 45 Red Green Boat

19 Josh Ellis POC 33:29:00 78 ?

20 Ron Hunt BWA 33:38:00 74 Green Boat

21 Todd Harbor BWA 33:47:00 8 Green Boat

22 Nick Hart VCC 33:48:00 68 H2

23 Spalding Hurst VCC 34:02:00 55 Crossfire

24 Terry Wyatt BWA 34:07:00 19 Phoenix Fiberglass

25 Dan Beardon VCC 34:10:00 76 creekboat

26 Penny Kephart VCC 34:13:00 37 fiberglass

27 Dave Martin BWA 34:20:00 23 Overflow

28 Dan Spitler VCC 34:36:00 9 Vortex

29 Miller / Wright BWA 34:45:00 26 C2

30 Kerri Rapes POC 34:53:00 62 X

31 Robert Shingleton POC 35:07:00 61 Fluid Solo

32 Heather Warman BWA 35:10:00 46 Green Boat

33 Joshua Fitzpatrick CA 35:13:00 28 Outlaw

34 Bernie Engleman BWA 35:15:00 17 creeker

35 Carol Wilson BWA 35:19:00 21 Java

36 Komtanoo Pinpimai CWA 35:42:00 30 Villain

37 Adem Pajevic VCC 35:54:00 38 Fiberglass C1

38 Robert Milgate BWA 36:30:00 6 Cascade

39 Justin Ownby CA 37:04:00 29 EZG

40 Kyle Nicholson VCC 39:14:00 54 4FUN

41 The Del Albright / BaxterSplat Experience VCC Forever 50 / 51 Shredder


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