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Winter hibernation is OVER … time for the 2nd Annual Not-NPFF Downriver Race and Club Championships!

Sign-up online before Friday, Feb 25th @ noon

The Bluegrass “Wildwater” Association squeaked past the Vikings by the hair of their collective neutz last year to take the win. NOT THIS YEAR BOYS (and girls)!!!

We had a strong team last year and this year we’ll be stronger. With our youth, good looks, strength, cunning intellect and superior paddle skills we will send these socialist BWA interloper pigs back where they belong!!!

— Lexington 

Not only does the VCC need to leverage our youth, exceptional good looks, overpowering strength, stunnin’ cunnin’ and superior paddle skills to win…we also need to gather a fleet of our finest, fastest boats. It really makes a difference in this race. 

If you have a sea kayak, fiberglass kayak or anything that even looks fast on water (non-motorized all you geeks out there) that you are not using please offer it up to someone who could use a faster boat. 

They’ll guard it with their lives. I promise. Pinky swear.

Last year was a blast and this year will be better. More details to come

Top 9 Vikings last year:

  • Brian Mattingly
  • Delaney Albright
  • Jim Gunnshow
  • Turbo Schindler
  • Dan Coaplen
  • Chris Baxsplat
  • Sarah Mello
  • Chris Stout
  • Tony Steigart