2013 4th Annual Not-NPFF Race Results

Posted by Spalding Hurst

February 24, 2013

Not-NPFF is one of my favorite days of the year. It’s great to reconnect with old friends and make new friends from both in and out of state. Everybody is fired-up, the competition is serious fun, and we’re all accomplished with the post-race festivities!

So here are the results from 2013:

Ist Place Dude: Clay Waren – BWA – 32:00

Ist Place Boater Babe: Suzie Jaques – club dizAstViLe – 36:05

Club Champion: Viking Canoe Club

Points (Low Total Wins)

  • Vikings: 29
  • BWA: 32
  • club dizAstViLe: 109

Top 10

  1. Clay Waren – BWA – 32:00
  2. Matt Gosset – Viking – 32:22
  3. Jess Albright – Viking – 32:34
  4. YT or David Thomas or Mr. YT or Sir YT – BWA – 33:12
  5. Jim Gunnz – Viking – 33:24
  6. Jon Shannon – club dizAstViLe – 33:42
  7. John Mello – BWA – 34:08
  8. John Lawson – BWA – 34:10
  9. Adam Blanding – Viking – 34:32
  10. Todd Schindler – Viking – 34:38

1st Place Short Boat (< 10 Ft.): Ron Hunt – BWA – 39:00

1st Place 60+: Fred Coates – BWA – 42:23

1st Place C1: Robert MIlgate – BWA – 46:00

1st Place OC1: Thomas Smith – Indiana – 48:56 (also 2nd place 60+)

Honorable Mentions:

  • Jon Shannon of club dizAstViLe finnished 6th in an 11"3" boat. That’s pretty freakin’ strong! He also owns quote-of-the-day as he crossed the finish line: “damn those sea kayaks!”
  • Fred Wilson was fastest Green Boat. Solid!
  • Leslie Coble represents the spirit and enthusiasm of this race. This gal, with loads of experience with on-land racing, but semi-new to whitewater kayaking, scoured the internet for a race boat. She found this full-on classic fiberglass Prijon Interceptor wildwater racer on craigslist and drove a ways to get it. Unfortunately she didn’t have time to get the feel for the boat before the race. In fact, she didn’t even have it on moving water before the race. If y’all have never paddled one of these race boats, let me tell you, it’s like trying to sit on a ball, and we know how hard it is to turn a long boat too! But she was undaunted, gave it her best, and we all should applaud her! Watch out for this gal next year!


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